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No More Red Pen: Why Written Content Has Gone Downhill in the Digital Age, and What it Means for Your Business

Hand with Pen Proofreading a ManuscriptWith the onslaught of digital content flooding our inboxes and news feeds 24/7, it seems the bar for quality keeps dropping lower and lower. With all of the digital tools and social media sites available for posting content online, our culture of multi-tasking and over-scheduling, and our drive to do more with less, the creation of digital content doesn’t get the attention it should.

But aside from the grammar geeks and middle school English teachers, does anyone really notice?

The answer is no. Most of us have become so used to the fast and furious pace at which articles, blog posts, and emails are sent our way, we hardly have time to read them, let alone critique how they are written. As a culture, we have become so used to content that hasn’t been properly structured, written or edited, organizations think it’s more important to get their message out than to make sure it is written in a clear, concise and effective way (and, gasp! without typos).

Unfortunately, this phenomenon impacts a business’s bottom line more than most marketing directors and business owners realize.

Whether your readers pick up on a poorly placed comma or a run-on sentence that goes on for miles, poorly written content may fail to speak to your audience in a way that establishes trust in your brand. Without an effective story, the reader may lose interest or misunderstand what you want them to do. No matter how fast or how often you post new content, your message, and your potential customer, will be lost.

On the other hand, a well-crafted message speaks to your reader and makes a connection. An educational blog post helps your reader solve a problem, and they will remember your brand when they need help in the future. A well-written email includes an attention-grabbing subject line, and your message is opened rather than deleted. A project description or employee biography describes your organization’s mission and expertise in a way that encourages the reader to consider doing business with you.

If your organization is doing their own content marketing, writing, or social media, or taking other shortcuts to save a buck or generate more content in a shorter period of time, consider the impact these practices are having on your overall marketing program. Hiring a professional to advise and support your digital strategy, as well as craft and create your messaging, will put your business ahead, because you will go beyond reaching your potential customers — you will connect with them.






Free Samples! The Case for Blogging

At the local farmer’s market on a recent summer morning, I perused the different vendors before making my selections.  Farmers sold their traditional produce like corn, greens and tomatoes, and others offered homemade gourmet products like olive oil, bread, soups, and granola.  While everyone knows how to spot a good ear of Maine corn, most don’t have a clue what these other culinary creations taste like.  Sure, the tall guy with the wide smile looks nice, but why should I buy his granola?  Luckily, at the front of his display, he offered small cupcake-liners filled with samples of his product, and he was all too happy to offer me a taste.

As a sort of “free sample,” blogging is an important component of any business’s inbound marketing strategy.  It not only  offers potential customers a taste of your company’s expertise for free, but it can also drive traffic to your web site through proper placement of key industry terms and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Studies have shown that those who blog increase traffic by 55% and generate 67% more leads,  simply by creating quality content in your company’s voice.

What kinds of articles should you share on your blog?  Almost anything goes, but in general, consider writing about industry trends, new products or product enhancements, the effect of local, national or world news on your business, case studies or stories about key personnel.  (People love a good human interest story – why not share how your company’s president worked three jobs to put himself through college or how your Product Manager is also an Ironman triathlete?)

While blogs can be a powerful item in your inbound marketing toolbox, most likely you don’t have time to devote to brainstorming a topic, drafting, posting and sharing a blog post.  That’s where Queen B can help.   With nothing more than a 30-minute phone interview, I can take down the key points and create a blog post that will drive traffic to your web site.  This post can then be shared on Social Media, included in your Email Newsletter and stored on the blog page indefinitely.  The more you post, the more exposure your brand and your company will get online.  More exposure leads to more traffic, which leads to more business.

For a few examples of Queen B’s past blog posts, check out my Portfolio page.  Contact me today for a free estimate on blogging services.


Building Your Vision

As the mom of a three-year-old boy, I know how a construction site can make an otherwise boring drive around town magical.   The giant, earth-digging claw of a bright yellow excavator or the spinning cement mixer pouring a new foundation elicit gasps from my little passenger, and a crane dangling a steel beam over a newly framed building is, quite possibly, the coolest thing he’ll see all day.

Lately though, my son is not the only one taking an interest when a construction zone pops up over the horizon.  Last week at a stop light, I found myself in front of a large commercial project and couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Which one of those hard-hatted men or women is the superintendent? Which architect created the plans they are hovering over?  Is everything on schedule?  Is the owner happy with the progress so far?’

For the past six months, I’ve been working with a construction management firm based in New York City.  This mid-size, non-Union company needed new copy for their redesigned web site. They asked me to help them convey who they were as a company and to set them apart from their competitors.

When I started working on the project, I knew about as much about this industry as my three-year-old:  it involved big machines, noise, lots of dirt, and hard hats.  In other words, not nearly enough to write  a compelling story about my client.

But then, the magic started.  I began to research the business.  I checked out their competitors and talked with their staff.  We discussed their strategic plan and how my client was different than the rest.  I wrote and rewrote descriptions of their beliefs, processes, experience and team, soaking in as much as I could about my client and their daily work before spilling it back out onto a page.

This company’s key marketing message was that they build their client’s vision, no matter what it takes.  Their web site, which is now in its final stages of design, clearly and concisely demonstrates this message.  My client has a new, powerful marketing tool and I have a new understanding of what it takes to renovate an historic building, customize a medical facility or build someone’s retail store from the ground up…in other words, to build someone’s vision.

Queen B Copywriting will build your vision.  Instead of steel beams, concrete foundations and dry wall, I will build your story through content marketing, SEO, email campaigns, social media, blogging and more.

Do you have:

  • A fantastic story that needs to be told?
  • A clear marketing plan, but no one to put it into words?
  • A message that needs copyediting to help it stand out?
  • A web site that needs more exposure on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo?
  • A customer base your company longs to connect with?

Learning about different businesses, industries, and organizations is, by far, the thing I love most about my work.  Sharing that knowledge through powerful, targeted content marketing and communications?  I can’t think of anything more rewarding for both of us.

I’d love to hear about your vision — contact me today!